Gather Food & Wine is the culmination of chef Tom Tilbury's passion for "gathering" wild and local ingredients with his love of providing a unique food experience. Helping Tom with this adventure is wife Sarah, who is born and bred on the Limestone Coast. Together, the two share an enthusiasm for local produce and making the most of whats around them.


Having travelled and lived in other dynamic foodie regions around Australia, the Tilburys have gained experience in a number of different cuisines and settings. For them the Limestone Coast offers an abundance of produce, wine, ideal environment and people to bring their unique experience together. Sarahs generational connection to the area gives the pair a better understanding of the land, and combined with Toms love of foraging for special tastes gives Gather a point of difference in a region making a name for itself in the food industry. 


As a qualified chef who has worked for top restaurants like D'arry's Verandah Restaurant and Cullen Wines, Tom prides himself on being able to find seasonal, local produce which creates an exciting and new taste. He stands for sustainability, low food miles and a minimal footprint.


“Honestly, for me its very much about searching out those new flavours, exciting new tastes, delivering something you may have never tasted before or even realised was there to be eaten”.

                                                                                                                  -Tom Tilbury